After the Last War, the nation of Aundair is reeling. The Queen exudes confidence, but those in the know realize that having lost half of its land, with enemies on all sides, and the financial losses from a hundred years of war, Aundair is in perilous straits.

Fortunately for the kingdom, the Sarlonans have offered assistance. Their crystal-armored knights help defend the borders. They supply much-needed cash and material goods. Their ambassador, Vay’driok, counsels Queen Aurala and graces the court with his wit and charm. With the Sarlonan’s help, Aundairian forces are able to quell rebels from the Eldeen Reaches and restore buildings that were damaged or abandoned in the Last War. Grain and grapes flourish once again throughout the land. The Sarlonans have demolished the unwanted temple to the Silver Flame in Fairhaven and are constructing their own monument to friendship and peace—a shining crystal monolith called a hanbalani.

Few recognize the threat posed by the Sarlonans, and fewer still are capable of doing anything about it. But without Sarlonan help, what hope does Aundair have? Everyone knows that Karrnath’s overtures of peace are just a ploy to buy time. The zealots of Thrane won’t hold back for long—they don’t fear the repercussions of another war. And the guerilla fighters of the Eldeen Reaches have never stopped their aggression—they’ve only been too disorganized to mount an effective attack.

Sarlona Rising

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